Where Technology Meets Opportunity.

As a venture builder, we are not just creating products. We are shaping the future through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We see a world where cutting-edge technology is not only accessible but comprehensible, serving individuals and businesses alike. We believe in the transformative power of technological enlightenment, hence we strive to be the spark that fuels innovation and the catalyst that paves the way for a tech-empowered future.

Our Mission

Our goal is to craft high-potential products through a fusion of innovative technologies and audacious creativity. We envision a realm of possibilities, where businesses, through immersive, technology-driven experiences, fully leverage the power of emerging technologies. Every step we take is marked by a dedication to innovation and risk-taking.

Our Values

Our commitment to relentless innovation and bold empowerment is matched only by our dedication to technological fluency. We celebrate the thrill of exploration and the power of experience-centric designs. At Kusari, our values are the guiding principles that shape our ventures, our partnerships, and our successes.

Our Expertise

As creators, we're open to any technology because it's part of our process. We are, however, more familiar with the blockchain, crypto and web3 ecosystems. Whether you want to create your NFT collection or simply learn more about what blockchain can bring to your business, we're here to help.

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Who We Work With?

Our process, unique and streamlined, is split into three crucial stages. We combine rigorous ideation, exhaustive testing, and strategic scaling, each stage playing a vital role in crafting high-potential products.


We're an incubator for financial services and fintech ventures. Our mission: identify where technology can add value, improve efficiency, and revolutionize customer experiences. We tirelessly test new offerings. When a product shows promise, we assemble a stellar team, spawn a new company, and nurture it towards success.


We're a springboard for startups, shaping business ideas into tangible products. Collaborating on product specifications, we handpick a multidisciplinary team to conquer the task at hand. Thanks to our experience in crafting projects in fast-paced environments, we operate with the entrepreneurs' interests at heart, streamlining product delivery for maximum efficiency.


We offer large companies support for risky and innovative experimental projects. We work with you to imagine, create and launch new experiences. From research to ideation, from understanding your market to developing a scoring system to understand your results, we're with you every step of the way, helping you build, launch and scale your vision.

Inception & Ideation

Every product begins as a seed of an idea. Our role? To cultivate a space where these seeds can grow and flourish. Our in-house team, experts in emerging trends and technologies, are free to imagine, invent, and experiment, pushing the boundaries to find untapped potential.


Ideas need refining, which is where our rigorous testing phase comes in. Embracing a culture of iterative development, we refine and re-refine our ideas, enhancing their success chances and keeping our approach lean. Each challenge becomes an opportunity, each risk, a lesson.

Execution & Scaling

Once we've pinpointed a promising idea, we turn it into a viable business. Our team uses their technological fluency to build these high-potential products and secure external financing to fuel their growth. We're not merely creating products; we're nurturing their growth to ensure their success in a competitive market.

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